Out to the market

In celebration of our country’s independence, school’s off for the week…yah I know the whole week, how amazing?? So here I am, in absolutely-hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun baltimore, where it’s like 100 degrees, and for some reason I decided to go to the local farmers market, and cook. I mean what better way to turn my apartment from a semi-balmy 76 degrees to an absolute sauna at 82 degrees? that’s right! cook! oh and turning on the dryer also helps, which I did also….

It was my first time at this market, and I was slightly surprised at how few vendors there were. There was one vendor selling baked goods, one selling homemade crafts, one selling eggs, and only two devoted to fruits/veggies/product of the land. No worries – I bought some zucchini, yellow squash, some of those little plums, a cantaloupe, and some oh-so-delicious peaches (come to think of it, I’m gonna go have one now…hold on….ok i’m back). I brought all the stuff home, and wasn’t sure what to make, and decided on a zucchini/squash gratin. I’m new to this whole bloggin’ thing, and this is my firs post – so here goes!

I searched for a recipe and ended up loosely basing it on Ina Garten”s zucchini gratin. I started by heating up some olive oil and butter in a pot, and threw in some yellow onions with some salt to sweat ’em (heck, I figured if I have to sweat so do these onions!)

While the onions were shvitzing away, I took out my  mandolin, and sliced up the zucchini and squash.

I didn’t even need to use the safety guard, because zucchini have built in safety guards!

That’s right, these are special zucchini, they have handle bars, how cool?

I see you staring at my cantaloupe…doesn’t it look lonely?

Close up of the squash..looks nice don’t it?

After about 20 minutes, i threw in the zucchini and squash with some pepper, salt and a smidgen of nutmeg (technical note – a smidgen is even less than a pinch) and put a lid on it, and let it go for about another 10 minutes.

I threw it all in a dish, topped with bread crumbs and three, count ’em, three cheeses. The original recipe calls for Gruyère, which I didn’t have (nor have I ever found kosher) so I used what I did have, and that was mozzarella, pecorino, and parmesan.

(Those blocks over there are blocks of mozzarella.)

Baked it for about 15-20 minutes or so at like 400, and look at the results –

remember this guy?

And that’s it!

Now for the easy part – enjoying…it was hot enough that a cold beer was a good call to go with it (is it ever a bad call?)

Side point – if you happened to look up Ina’s recipe, you’ll notice among other things, I didn’t mention the milk. The original recipe calls for heated milk to be thrown in to the cooking squash. Now I followed the recipe, and did that also, but I don’t think its necessary, and in the final dish there was milk on the bottom. It didn’t affect the dish, which is why I think just leave it out.

Next up – making some sort of pie with those little plums…tune in!


17 thoughts on “Out to the market

  1. Hi Barbara….This is the first blog I have ever gotten.
    What a fun way to start the trend. So thanks for including me. You REALLY like to cook, don’t you:)
    Regards to all…..


  2. Nossi, I’m so impressed. Who would have thought. I guess making that potato kugel every week was just the beginning of your culinary delights. Also, it’s a good idea for the nine days. Thanks


  3. nossi, great job! I actually want to try this recipe this week. maybe cut down on the cholesterol content a bit(no butter) you know at my age I haveto.


  4. I’m speechless. The fact that your bored doesn’t suprise me..
    Your hysterical and just moved up (if possible) more point on being the favorite child, darn.
    Your stuff loooks beyond delicious…and best of all…drum roll plzz? Shmekadik.


    1. Well I don’t think it’s possible to move up anymore, but I pegged the rest of you guys down a bit, so that’s good…
      I’m so honored that I finally achieved the title of shemkadik…i will cherish this day forever


  5. Noss! Vewry impressive, and as your cooking skills teaching partner, i must say you’ ve come a long way since french fries!


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