Dessert Pizza

Do I even need to write anything after that??? I mean seriously guys.

So I’ll tell you what happened. It’s the nine days, and it was the mandatory pizza night. I had Zahava, Dovi, Pinny, Charlie, Yummy and Ezra over for said pizza. We had defrosted a frozen pizza dough, and I wasn’t sure if it would be enough, so I had made another dough just in case. Our first pie was topped with sautéed onions and, and our second pie was topped with onions and spinach. Both were pretty darn good, thanks to Ayelet. But, as I’m sure you have realized by now, this post is not about that.

We had another blob of dough all rolled out, and ready to be dressed to be thrown in the oven, but no one seemed to be hungry. And that’s when it hit me. I knew what the masses wanted…they wanted dessert pizza, in all it’s glory and splendor. For all those unfamiliar with dessert pizza, and for those with an extremely poor grasp on the english language, dessert pizza is basically pizza dough rolled out in the shape of a pizza pie (usually its round, but since I suck at rolling to a certain shape, I prefer to call mine “rustic”…it sounds much better), and topped with whatever you call – “dessert.”

I dunno if you’ve ever heard of “chocolate pizza,” from the Pizza Professor in Queens, but in my house, we used to devour that thing. So it goes without saying that this, in it’s most humble of ways, was a tribute to the dessert pizza of my past. Here’s to you ole’ chocolate pizza, I miss you.

This whole decision happened in like a minute, and I decided to spread some Nutella on one side, and sprinkle some chocolate chips on the other, and then I over heard Dovi say to sprinkle on sugar and cinnamon on top of it, so not being one to cause a fight, I did. I’m probably the nicest person ever.

I threw that baby in the oven, and let it do its thing.

I took it out, and even though the chocolate chips were melted, they needed some smoothing out to form an even layer, and then Ayelet said, hey lets put some marshmallow fluff on it! Marshmallow fluff! (she was very excited, hence the exclamation points…you’d be that excited too if you had such an amazing idea). Were we pushing the limit? Had we gone insane? No my friends, we were in gastronomical heaven.

Not the best of pictures, I know,  but I was so enamored with the thought of filling my mouth with this chocolate pizza, that I was shaking, and could not, for the life of me get a good picture….no matter how I tried.

To say this was a success would seriously be an understatement. I mean this thing was amazing. It might even be better than the chocolate pizza I came to love…Yes, the pupil has become the master.

Everyone loved it, as proof from exhibit A

I rest my case.


6 thoughts on “Dessert Pizza

  1. and to think it all started one summer in jerusalem in my kitchen making potato kugel. please remember the little peole on your way up. i want a mention on the ibside of your book!


  2. nos, this looks fantstic. you used regular salty pizza dough for the dessert pizza?
    aaaand i second pralines and cream being the best ice cream ever…thiss blog sparked good memories..baskin robbins and choc pizzaa..


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