Preview of what’s to come

So as I’m sure you know, it’s been quite a while since my last post, and once again, I’m here to disappoint you…kinda. While I’m here trying to formulate my thoughts (ie – watching football) of what to write for this here blog, Ayelet came up with the great idea – ” why don’t you post some pictures to whet the palates (yeah – she said “whet,” I was also shocked) of your esteemed readers. Oh and also – my husband is a super genius”…honestly – that’s what she said, I would never lie about such things.

Anyway – without further ado – I present to you a “Preview of what’s to come” by Nossi Fogel.

I’ll link all the posts to the appropriate titles when they’re completed.

Buffalo Wing style Chicken

This one's for you Batshva and Shloimy

Garlic Knots

Chocolate Bourbon Tart

Bourbon? yeah, bourbon

Rib Eye Filet Roast

Le piece de resistance –

Mascarpone Cheescake with Nutella Drizzle

The best darn cheescake you will ever have...ever.

oh and more of me…joy

Hasta luego


8 thoughts on “Preview of what’s to come

  1. Yay a buffalo shoutout!! Although, who is shloimy? and why is he hanging out with batsheva?
    Loved the picture (all of them but especially the last one)


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