Garlic Knots

I love garlic knots, but I’ll be honest with you, I never had much luck making them at home. I’m not really sure why that was, but they just never came out the same as they do in the pizza store. Well, as I do whenever I’m in the kitchen, I figured let’s do some experimenting. Trying different methods, and what not, to see what works best.

In my head, there were two issues that needed to be clarified. 1) how to make the dough into the knot and 2) how to make it as garlicky as possible.

First, I took some store bought pizza dough, and rolled it out. I took a few cloves of garlic, minced them up, and mixed it with some olive oil, and spread it over the dough. Then I cut that into strips…kind of like wide ribbons.

I took each ribbon and tied them up into a knot.

Here’s where I realized my problem. Now I don’t have pictures of this, so try and use your imagination. First of all – when making the knot, there was plenty of dough on either side of the knot, and that’s normal…The way to fix that, is you kind of take the extra dough and loop it around again on each side. The problem was, my pieces of dough were way too long, and I kept on looping the extra dough in, and it didn’t really look like I wanted it to, but I went ahead and put them on a baking tray, spread some more oil-garlic mixture on top of it, and baked them anyway, figuring “food doesn’t have to be appealing to the eye, only to the palate” right? (that one’s for you mom).

I baked them for about 20 minutes, and tried them, and as good as they were, they weren’t the garlicky, drippingy, oily disgusting-ness that the pizza stores make, that I really wanted. I even used the “oily test” from the simpsons (anyone? you know the episode where Homer wants to gain weight so he can be considered disabled and work from home, so Dr Nick tells him to take the food and rub it on the wall, and if the wall becomes see through then it’s oily enough…?), and it just wasn’t oily enough.

So I had to work on both issues – the actual knot, and the oily-garlicky issue.

For the next batch – I went all out, and I think I’ve figured it out.

For the first issue (the knot thingy, for those not keeping track) – I realized, instead of rolling the dough out flat, and cutting it into strips, a better thing to do is to make little logs of dough (kind of like I did with the Gnocchi), and make a knot with that. That yielded much better results, and the picture on top is what it came out looking like.

For the next issue (garlic-oil…remember?) – here’s where I went a little crazy. I melted butter (why is it people go crazy when I say butter?) and in the melted butter I threw in 6 cloves of roughly chopped garlic (garlic burns very easily, so I melted the butter first, and only towards the end did I throw in the garlic). I then took my little rolled up logs of pizza dough, and submerged…that’s right ladies and gentelman – submerged them in the garlic-butter. Then I took them and made them into the knots, put them on the baking tray, spread even more butter on it, and baked them.

But wait…there’s more.

There was leftover melted garlic-butter, that I poured into a bowl, and when the garlic knots were done baking, guess where I put them…That’s right – into the butter bowl! Hurray! Tossed them around to coat, and let them cool on a separate tray.

Now – before you all jump on me about how much butter I used, blah blah blah, I want to tell you:

1) I am fully aware that butter isn’t the healthiest thing in the entire world, and in total I used one stick of butter for that second batch of knots, which gave me about 30, so in the grand scheme of things it’s not such a big deal…it’s not like you’re eating a stick of butter, which would be gross, and awesome at the same time.

2) it was for experimental purposes! It’s all in the name of science…I’m like the Japanese whale hunters on the Nishin Maru (anyone??)

3) Instead of using less butter, just eat less of the garlic knots

4) as I’ve said previously – It’s my blog! I make the rules!!!

Until next time

Garlic Knots


  • Pizza dough (store bought is fine)
  • Garlic – lots of it
  • Butter (you can use olive oil, but butter=awesomeness)
  • Salt (if using unsalted butter)


  1. Roll out the pizza dough, but not too flat, and then cut strips, and roll those strips into logs
  2. Melt some butter, and towards the end throw in about 6-7 cloves of roughly chopped garlic, or if you want you can run the garlic through a press. …You don’t have to use a whole stick of butter, you can use less, and combine with olive oil, or you can use however much you feel comfortable with (I’m much nicer down here in the recipe section)
  3. Submerge the logs into the garlic-butter mixture, and tie them in knots
  4. When tying the knot – tie a regular loop, and then you’ll have leftover dough on each side, and just tuck those in on both sides…sorry I didn’t have pictures of that
  5. Put on a baking tray
  6. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes, or until brown
  7. Take them right out of the oven, and put them back into the bowl with butter, and toss to coat
  8. Let them cool on a wire rack, or separate tray

13 thoughts on “Garlic Knots

  1. I have the solution to your dough being too long on one side or the other when you tie your knots. Call in your local Mohel and have him briss that lil extra doughy foreskin.


  2. Fortunately, I was eating a salad at the time that I was reading this. The salad protected me from spontaneously collapsing from a massive coranary.
    My monitor, however, was not so lucky. It started to burp and break out in oily zits. No fear, i threw a cucumber slice at it and it felt better.


    1. oy and the butter comments begin had i said margarine, olive oil, or what have you, no one would say anything, but butter, my poor child, has such a bad name…i must defend it’s honor and, the reason why no one had a massive coronary at the table when we served it, is because it was accompanied with that chemical, fizz-factory garbage, we know as “diet coke” so all is well


  3. Amazing, best garlic knots Ive ever had. You should start some sort of forum where we could send pictures of your recipes that weve made. And where you could post pictures of yourself in more fruit-hats


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