Just a quick post

Just a few things –

First of all – I know you’re looking for more ways to get your Kosher Gastronome fix, and I have just the thing! I recently opened up a twitter account, so you can follow all my mundane and boring thoughts on twitter! Yay for stupid technology! My user name is @KoshrGastronome, so go ahead, follow me, I won’t bite…hard. I’m still a little new to the whole twitter thing, so be patient with me.

Second – I know Thanksgiving has come and gone, and many of you are wondering – “where’s the turkey?!” Well, I did make a rather scrum-didily-umptious turkey, which I have some pictures of, I’ve just been too lazy busy to post about, but fear not fellow comrades, I will get to it, eventually.

Here’s a sneak peak –

Like the monogrammed chef’s jacket? It was a gift from Rabbi and Mrs Fresser for my birthday last year. Top that.

Lastly – and with this I’ll let you get back to your job – wordpress, which is the site I use for this here blog, allows only a certain amount of uploaded data for their free accounts, such as mine. Because I post a bunch of pictures, I noticed that I was running out of space. I was tinkering around a little, and I tried deleting a few things, not thinking it would effect the already posted posts. Well I was wrong, as usual, and if you decided to do some chazara and look back to some of the older posts, you’ll notice that most of them are missing the pictures. So don’t get frustrated and throw your computer at your husband/wife/dog/cat, throw it at me, because I goofed.

Now I could go back and put in all those pictures, but that will require a lot of time, which I just don’t have right now, because I’m too busy sitting in my pajamas drinking coffee and watching sports center right now.

Stay tuned for the belated thanksgiving post, it will blow your mind.


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