Super Bowl 2011

So the super bowl has come and gone, and I think it was a great success…the food that is (I’m still bitter the Jets weren’t in it, whatever…). How do I know it was a success? Well I made a checklist:

Was it cheesy? Check

Was there at least a stick of butter in one of the dishes? Check

Was it oozing? Check

Did it make you want to crawl into a hole and pass out by the second quarter? Check

Did you severely overeat? Check

Did you wake up feeling like a cheese-ball-disgusting-glob-o-goo? BONUS!!!

Yeah, it was that good.

Now I know a lot of you out there were expecting ribs, wings, and general meaty goodness, but a great person once said: “the sign of a true chef is doing something out of the ordinary,” ok I totally made that up, but I figured, it was too predictable, and I don’t like being predictable, so dairy it was.

I really wasn’t on planning on making anything big, but of course, one thing lead to another, and there I was frying my own tortilla chips.

Yeah, frying my own tortilla chips. How did this happen you ask? Well there I was in the super market, staring at a bag of corn tortilla chips, and it cost $3.50, and I knew I needed at least 2 bags. So I said, heck no! I’m gonna make it all by myself. So I got me some corn tortillas, and decided to fry ’em up. Much easier said than done.

I bought one bag, of I think a bazillion, give or take a million or two, of these corn tortillas

This was maybe 1/10th of the bag

then I quartered them

and fried them, in my skillet, without crowding them….7 at a time.

look at this ginormous mound of corn tortillas

and that wasn’t even the whole bag.

I’m still frying them up.

And this was all for nachos…I need to be institutionalized.

So there were nachos, and then there were jalapeno poppers.

More on that in the next post….

But wait there’s more!!

I also made some “Buffalo Bread.” Bread that tastes like buffalo wings, yah this just got real, people.

(Just so you know, I had the perfect picture to depict just how real it got, but my wife vetoed it, so just imagine a super hilarious picture right here, and laugh really loud, because that’s what you would have been doing…).

Not the best picture, I know, but lemme tell you, this was pretty good (contrary to what my wife and sister-in-law thought). It was cheesy, spicy, and just a hint of bleu cheese, to funkify it. Like I said, this just got real.

Anyway, this was just a sampling of what’s to come, one of these days, I’ll get around to posting the recipes behind the greatness.

Maybe by super bowl XLVI I’ll get around to it.

In the meantime enjoy the picture I didn’t post.



10 thoughts on “Super Bowl 2011

  1. Definitely a success! (minus the stinky cheese) Fine. I don’t have a refined palette. But I ate everything else and it was sooo worth it.


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