Joburg Kosher

I know, I know…you’re wondering, where have you been?? And then you’re wondering, you start every post the same way…”it’s been a while, yada yada yada, I’m sorry, yada yada yada…” same old hogwash! Poppycock!

Well a lot of cooking has been going on here at KosherGastronome headquarters, but I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been busy. Jersey shore is not going to watch itself! I do have a lot of things that I made already, and just need to find the time to sit down and type it up. In the meantime I come to make you jealous.

I understand a lot of you are looking at me and saying to yourself, wow, he’s awesome, but you know what, it takes a lot to be the glutton lazy “foodie” that I am. It’s a lot of hard work. Trying to be witty and funny at the drop of the hat, although super extremely easy for me, it is still nonetheless hard work. So where’s the payoff? Why do I do this?? Well I’ll tell you why, two words: Joburg Kosher.

I’ll begin where it always begins, me waiting anxiously at my computer for one of the thousands, hundreds, tens, ones (?) of people I meet everyday, who tell me “I loooove your blog” Or “I really should get around to reading your blog, I hear it’s great…” etc..I wait for these people to actually visit the blog, or  comment, or something to make me feel worthwhile, but alas, I continue to wait. But then, when all hope was lost, came the most un-expected of emails. Joburg Kosher wanted to send me some free food. Me? Free stuff?? This must be a mistake, but I wouldn’t be the one to correct them. I gladly handed out my address to a complete stranger, and although it was a strange request, I also told them the key’s under the mat, and the hours no one is home.

Lo and behold, just a few days later, was a box at my front door, it was like that other time a complete stranger decided to send me a gift for free, only this time it was in real life. I calmly shred the cardboard to pieces, and found two packages of biltong, and one package of boerewors (no, not bratwurst…boerewors). I was practically giddy. However, now came the hard part, eating it.

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to prepare this heaven sent meal. As for the biltong, that was easy, just open the package, stuff my face, and repeat. I even found it in my gracious heart to share with other people. All were very pleased with the taste. They sent us two flavors “black pepper” and “peri peri” and I think most people liked the peri peri better.

As for the boerewors, that was a different story.

There were 4 sausages in there, and I was slightly intimidated as to how to prepare it. I figured grilling it, and putting it on a bun would be too predictable, and was looking for something different to do. Then I figured, the heck with predictability, it’s not like I’m not trying to ambush my food, so I decided to grill it. However to take it up a notch, I decided to caramelize some onions.

I initially didn’t want to do this, because it would debase these hand crafted, South African prized possession, to an American hot dog, which, don’t get me wrong, I love, but it’s still a hot dog nonetheless, you know what I’m saying? That being said, it was amazingly awesome. Tasted great, went well on the bun, and I loved it.

Be jealous.


But wait! there’s more! You see, I only grilled up 2 boerewors, which left two more for me to tinker around with…what ever will I do?? Stay tuned, the secret will be revealed after the next episode of the bachelor.

Oh and if you or someone you know want to be on the TheKosherGastronome, please feel free to contact me, or just come by my apartment, the key’s under the mat.


14 thoughts on “Joburg Kosher

  1. Was it like a flavorful hot dog? meaning, did the actual meat have any special stuff in it?
    aand isnt the point of getting free stuff to talk extremely highly of the product?
    very funny post nos-bus


  2. I once put one in a chulent. Bad move. The local Sewth Afrikaaaaaaners say they either grill, or saute in a pan with a little waaaaaaater to keep it moist.


  3. I don’t know what you decided to do with the rest of the sausages, but I made sausages last night with stewed onions, red peppers, and spicy tomato sauce (Lidia’s pepper sauce) and served it over spaghetti. Very good.


  4. Phoenix, did the Boerwoers get too dry in the chulent, or was there some other problem? did the taste/flavoring just not fit?


  5. The taste wasn’t a match.
    It was a while ago (as was this post!), so I don’t recall the moisture level of the boerwoers. Caramelized onions on a bun seems to be the traditional way to go.


  6. thanks for the quick response, which flavor did yuo have (Peri Peri?). was wondering whether regular or garlic would work in a chulent, as i already like regular garlic ring sausages in chulent.


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