Happy 1st year anniversary! And a drink, don’t worry – it’s the alcoholic type.


So as fate would have it, I was thinking to myself, I know I started the blog around a year ago, but I wonder which date exactly. So I went to the videotapes, and found that it was on this very day, when in the year 2010, my brain officially turned off, and I decided to start a food blog. How young and foolish. How does one find the time? How…well just plain old how? Well, I’m not sure, but what keeps me going is the ever growing notion that I can conquer it all, or at least eat like a cow, and have an excuse for it.

We’ve been through our ups (most popular post, although it’s hard to tell) and our downs (least popular post). We’ve had at most 176 people visit this site on one day, and as little as no one for days at a time, but fret not fearful comrade, for I marched on through, and stuck around, even though no one came to visit.

Through the countless sleepless nights, sitting up and wondering: What’s a good introduction for this post I need to write on these tasty morsels???

Scouring the interwebs for the answers to my never ending questions, such as how one can tell the difference between a gefilte fish and a regular fish in the ocean?? (Fear not, I recently found my answer, it was right in front of me the whole time…the gefilte fish has a carrot on it’s head.)

We made it. Go us.

Ok, so umm, now what?

I guess we can just continue on doing what we’ve been doing until now? Sounds good to me. Although in the coming year, I say we grow and spread the love. Let’s make this site the best darn site around, waddya say!? WHO’S WITH ME?!?! All rite, I like your attitude.

Now that we’re hardcore bonding over here, I want to say something publicly – A lot of people have expressed how much they like the site, but feel awkward commenting on any of the posts. Well I want to say, that here at The Kosher Gastronome we don’t judge, and we definitely don’t bite…hard. I kid. But seriously folks, I welcome all to say whatever you want, whether it’s comments on how amazing I am , questions on something I completely made up (I’ll probably give you a made up answer too, don’t worry), suggestions on something you want me to try, or just whatever you want, I really do welcome it all, and remember I will have the ability to edit/delete whatever it is you type, so mwah hahahahahaha!

Anyway, we are a food blog, and I did drag you away from that super important video you were about to watch on youtube about the baby who plays the harmonica, and the other video about all those fish jumping out of the water, so I guess I’ll make your time worthwhile, and talk a little about food, and at the same time celebrate, and make you a drink, I call it – La Mojito, which roughly translate into – “The Mojito.”

Meet the players


Mojitos are the perfect way to enjoy a blistering hot summer. With it’s cool minty goodness, and the pleasant effervescence of seltzer, loaded with ice cubes, I don’t know of a better way to completely pass out in the sun. The problem with mojitos are they require the mint leaves to be muddled. Now I’m not really sure of the etymology of the word muddle, I do know that it doesn’t mean “beat to a bloody pulp.” The thing about mint leaves is the the flavor isn’t in the mint, but rather onthe actual mint leaves, so what we need to do is simply bruise the mint, so the flavor molecules get into your drink. However, over muddling actually extracts too many harsh and bitter flavors that would ruin your drink, so it’s important to not over muddle.

Now for all of us beginner bartenders out there, you’re probably saying to yourself, sure that’s great, but I don’t have a muddler, what am I supposed to do? Well, this is where it gets awesome, you can use a rolling pin, like so.


So add the lime juice, sugar, and mint leaves, and muddle away. Press down and turn with the end of the rolling pin a few times, and that’s it.

Add the rum, and ice, and shake away.


Now again, I’m not expert in mixology, but when it comes to making drinks, there are two shaker options out there. Your classic martini shaker, and a boston shaker. The martini shaker everyone probably knows, where as the boston shaker looks like two cups, one slightly bigger than the other, so you can put all the stuff you want to shake with the ice, and place the other cup over top, and shake it like a polaroid picture (well not really that way, sling it over your shoulder, like it’s a bazooka, and propel it back and forth). I really like mixing with a boston shaker, because it makes me look really cool, but you can probably do it in a martini shaker, however, if you want to be cool, and shake it in a boston shaker, again, we have a good trick for you to do this at home.

Just take the cup you’re planning on using, and cover it with a slightly bigger plastic cup, like so:


As long as there’s some sort of seal around the whole cup, you’re good to go, so shake away.

Disclaimer – I am in no way responsible for you getting yelled at by your wife for making a complete mess in the kitchen right after it was cleaned up. So you might want to make sure it’s all sealed up before you rock out your inner cool guy, but then again it’s your mess you need to clean up.

Then top with seltzer, and garnish with some more mint leaves, sit back, kick off your shoes, and celebrate a year chock full of extreme awesomefullness.




  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • 1/2 lime juiced
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 3-  1,000,000,000 tablespoons of rum, depending on how strong you want it
  • Ice
  • Seltzer


  1. Combine mint leaves, lime juice, and sugar on the bottom of your vessel, and muddle away with your rolling pin.
  2. Add your rum and ice, and cover and shake.
  3. Top with seltzer, and garnish with mint leaves, if you care about garnishes.

11 thoughts on “Happy 1st year anniversary! And a drink, don’t worry – it’s the alcoholic type.

  1. happy birthday kosher gastronome 🙂
    mojito’s are def in season..new sorbet at Wegmans..MOJITO…thinking of ur dirty kitchen (sorry ayelet) as i eat it


  2. the mojito was absolutely delish, as was everything else this past shabbos, but the best part was the host and hostess” par excellence”.


  3. Happy joy joy!
    The gastronome has the same anniversary as Joe Dimaggios 56th straight hit and when the Manhattan project detonated a plutonium-based test nuclear weapon at the Trinity site near Alamogordo, New Mexico so your in good company..
    However good that drink looked at that time, it looks about 100 times better on a 95 degree fast day..


  4. Happy joy joy!
    My Bad, I typed July 16th into wikipedia instead of July 6..
    Let me do this over..
    The gastronome has the same anniversary as the day John Lennon and Paul MCartney met and Jackie Robinson refuse to move to the back of a bus.. Still in great company…
    However good that drink looked at that time, it looks about 114 times better on a 96 degree fast day..


    1. Hey levi, who told you all this? Frank Robinson? or Todd Hundley? Still funny right? and yeah, I know what you mean, for some odd reason, I’ve been watching the Food Network all day, that’s like torture on a fast day


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