Lasagna Roll Ups


Hey there long lost friend

I’m doing fine, thanks for asking

I know, I know, I’ve been a little awol lately

I’m sorry for the lack of much needed entertainment in your life, but even though I thought I’d get more done over the summer because of all of the boat loads of time I had, sadly of course it is not the case….for some reason, it’s never the case in my world, oh well.

Well I’m back now, well kind of. I didn’t want to rush too hard back into the pages of your internets, I figured we needed a little of a buffer, and that’s why I’m posting over at the blog Daily Cheapskate as a guest post.

Daily Cheapskate is a blog also that I was just discovered, that posts about great daily deals, and is a great website if you’re cheap, like myself! And Senorita Daily Cheapskate was crazy gracious enough to host me on her very nice website, and for that we thank you.

So go check the post out, it’s absolutely incredible, a manifesto in it’s own right, but you’ll have to head on over there to the Daily Cheapskate website. So go on…now…why are you still reading this???

It’s healthy for you, because I don’t want you to suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, a dreadful affliction), so head on over now.

Again if you’re confused, and not sure where the lasagna roll ups are, click on those words above that are nice and underlined, or you can just click this, this, or this. Either one, or all, it’s all good.

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